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Cruising on cruise ships is a means of travel with some substantial benefits. Cruising makes it easy to visit several places in a single trip without the need to repack your belongings and sit in a car/train/bus/plane to travel to each one; your hotel room comes along with you, and even provides the transportation.

Additionally, seeing several islands or cities in a region can help you decide if and where you’d want to visit later for a longer time period. Typical itineraries also limit the time you can spend in each place, usually just a short day of activities or sightseeing. They may also include one or more days at sea; paradise if you enjoy a relaxing day by the pool.

Today you can visit every continent on earth (except Africa), including Antarctica, by cruise ship. The most exotic itineraries, such as the Galapagos islands, are best visited by small expedition vessels. While these cruises are expensive, you’ll be traveling with expert guides and excursions are usually included.

A knowledgeable and professional agent can greatly help you obtain the best value for you cruise to your cruise, and avoid many kinds of mistakes and avoidable travel missteps to mishaps. We at Fly Albatross learn your needs and preference and then find what best fits your plans to discuss them before booking. It is we who can help  you at remarkably maduate cost... and for complex trips worth every penny

The concept of cruising for a holiday is picking up and in trend from
the last few years as its an all inclusive package.

Entertainment like theater shows, Live bands, Sports Deck, GYM, Swimming Pools etc.

Activities like Skydiving, Surfing, Bungee, Rock Climbing and many more based on different cruises you choose from cruises.

Variety of cuisine from fine dining to casual, 24*7 cafes to room services all is available onboard

Many islands, smaller cities and ports you would never have chosen to visit otherwise can be covered while cruising.

One can opt crusing from all different continents to places like

As you get interested in any cruise, ship or cabin type

come to us to find the best.

There are a wide range of Cruise lines we deal with from River Cruises, family oriented luxury cruises, Boutique cruises to high end Cruises. Few of which are mentioned below.

Carvinal Corporation (The Giant in ocean industry)

Carnival Cruises

Princess Cruises

Holland America

Cunard Cruises

Costa Cruises

Seabourne Cruises

Royal Caribbean international –

(This cruise line is 2nd big in the industry but has the largest,

most innovative and technologically advances ships than all the others)

We are the preferred agents of Royal Caribbean International in Chennai

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises

Oceania Cruises

P & O Cruises

Norwegian Cruises

MSC Cruises

And many more River Cruises

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